स्टेनफ्रेश लिक्विड हैंडवॉश लैवेंडर -750 ml

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स्टेनफ्रेश लिक्विड हैंडवॉश लैवेंडर -750  ml

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Stanfresh Liquid Hand Wash with Essential Oils has been carefully curated to provide protection against germs to our customers and their loved ones. The antibacterial hand wash has been infused with Lavender fragrance and benefits of Glycerin.

Direction for refill :– Step 1:- Open the refill pack cap. Pour into an empty Stanfresh Liquid Hand Wash bottle till it is full. Close the cap of the refill pack and the bottle.

Direction for use:- Step 1:- Take hand wash on your wet palms. Step2:-Rub well over the palms, back of the hands and fingernails for at least 20 seconds. Step2:- Rinse and Dry.

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  • Product Length : 28
  • Product Height : 4
  • Product Breadth : 13